FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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OMGcon is an annual event that brings together anime ,video games, tabletop and pop culture for a weekend of fun and excitement.

There are special guests (such as voice actors and artists), dealers (for getting those hard-to-get merchandise), events (like cosplay and video game tournaments.) And so much more!
June 10-12, 2016!
TAPS stands for Tri-State Anime Promotional Society. This is the organization that hosts OMGcon. TAPS was co-founded by Daniel Dodd (Founder) and Richard Griffith.

For more information about TAPS and the board that runs it,
visit our website for more details.
You do. Funding for OMG!con comes from attendees along with sponsors and dealers. Leftover money is put back into the con funds for the next year.
OMG Guy is the official OMG!con mascot. He’s crazy and full of energy! Keep an eye out for him at the convention, he’s sure to make an appearance every so often.
Not really. In the online world, OMG has become the common phrase used to describe the crazy, bizarre, and downright awesome. Crazy, bizarre, and awesome…that’s what OMG!con is all about.
Badges are given out at the convention itself. We will not mail out pre-registration badges or tickets. If you Pre Register make sure to have your ID and Eventbrite ticket that was emailed to you. If you didn't receive an emailed confirmation visit our contact page and inform someone about it. We'll try and fix it as soon as we can!
Price and manpower. We like to concentrate on supplying the most entertainment as possible without spreading ourselves to thin. This will be the first year OMG will be going past midnight on Saturday to 2AM.
Thought we did enjoy a long 8 years in Paducah Kentucky, the lack of a hotel was inconveniencing our attendees. We decided to make the move to a location that better suit our needs. Owensboro has a brand new hotel right next to it's brand new convention center. With an another hotel within walking distance open for OMGcon 2015.
Parent Passes for 1 day - $5, 3 day $10. Kids 5 and under are free, Kids 6-9 are half off. Children 15 old or younger need to have a guardian with a Parent Pass.

People with Parent Passes can't participate in any events such as contests, tournaments, or raffles.

These passes can be bought at Registration.
Attendees who Pre Register are given special items, such as custom branded OMG!con lanyards/badges, our OMG!con DVD which is mailed after the event, an extra raffle ticket to win huge prizes such as game consoles, and much more!

Pre Registration covers all Three Days of OMG!con, we do not allow Pre Registration for single days. You'll have to buy a pass at OMG!con.

Pre Registration Prices

September 5 - December 31, 2015


January 1 - March 15, 2016


March 15 - May 24, 2016


Yes you can! But you won't receive any Pre Registration bonuses. We also don't sell any two day passes, it's cheaper to buy a three day pass then a two day pass. So it might be a better deal to Pre Register early even if you can't go all three days!

At Door Prices

3 Day








Awesome! We'd love to have you. Please visit our Club/Con Tables page for more information!
Yes! Visit us at the Owensboro Convention Center between 7PM - 10PM. If you miss us, just pick up your badge any time we are open during the weekend!

Got a question we didn't answer? Ask it here and we will try our best to get back to you soon!

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