Club/Con Tables

OMGcon does support local and regional clubs and conventions. We offer table swaps for these entities. All submissions will be screened and the more information you provide about your club, group or convention, the more likely you will be approved.   

  • - If you run a regional large scale or niche anime, tabletop, video game group, or general nerd event. That meets together on a regular basis.
  • - If you are another anime, video game, pop culture, comic, or tabletop convention or event that wants to advertise their event.
  • - Facebook group that never meets up in real life
  • - Radio/Podcast (falls into Press Pass)
- All tables come with 2 OMGcon 2016 passes (Unless we had a table swap with your event, then we can talk details).

- If you have a table that is doing lots of activities to engage our attendees, such as a raffle, a game, or prize giveaways (Which is greatly encourage!), please give details in your application and we can be more flexible on the amount of passes your table receives.

- Tables must be attended by a person or persons who have received a complementary OMGcon 2016 badge, given with the table.

- The table must be manned during the hours of Artist Alley. If the person who is working the table needs to leave, breaks are fine up to an hour, but there must be a sign on the table with when you'll be back.

- Music can be played but must be at a level that not drown out any other the tables near you or bother events/rooms near your table.

- Electricity will be available but must be notified that you need it when you apply for a table.

- Table must look neat and clean, please clean up any trash created for the day, on and around your table area.

- No selling of merchandise other than your con/club merchandise. This includes t-shirts, buttons, and registration.  It must promote your convention or club. If your table is giving away prizes and merchandise, it is fine to keep on your table. But you can't sell those items. If you would like to sell other items, please visit our Artist Alley or Vendor page and buy a table there.

If your table doesn't abide by these rules, you will have 1 warning. If afterwards the rules aren't followed then it will result in the table space and all badges associated with it to be taken back.

If you are interested in applying please contact Amanda and title your email "Convention/Club Tables at OMG!con 2016".