Volunteer Department Rules & Regulations!


Do not, EVER, touch an attendee. Don’t try to break up fights, push individuals along lines, or any other seemingly helpful action. Just avoid touching them at all if possible. A touch can be viewed legally as an assault, and you personally may be charged with such if you happen to do so.
  • All Volunteers must complete an application and be approved by the Volunteer Coordinators before being submitted to any potential requested department(s) for final approval.
  • All Volunteers must be either 16 years of age or older, with a regularly checked email address and must join “OMGcon Volunteer Discussion Group” on Facebook.
  • Volunteers must complete any required training for their position prior to any posted due date(s).
  • Volunteers must arrive to their assigned location 5 minutes before their shift begins to receive a Change of Shift report and orientate themselves to their location and task(s). Additionally, volunteers should provide their relief with a similar run down of the duties and relay important information to said relief at the end of their shift.
  • Should a Volunteer fail to comply (i.e. no show), they may: have their badge confiscated; forfeit any hotel space (if applicable) and free items that would have been given at the end of the con; and may be blacklisted from future volunteerism with TAPS branded events.
  • Volunteers must present a neat, clean appearance to all attendees. Please be in clean attire that provides a presentable appearance, and maintain a professional manner during your shift and at any time acting on behalf of OMGcon and/or TAPS. No PDA.
  • Volunteers must maintain sobriety during their shift(s) or at any time that may affect their shift(s).
  • Do not enter Staff-only areas.
Tier 1 - aka “Entry-Level”

The most basic, entry-level form of volunteerism. Exempt from any pre-convention meetings, so long as they have responded to all pre-con communications online and kept in touch appropriately. An entry-level volunteer must work a total of 12 hours, which can be done in 4 hour shifts once a day for three days. In return, an entry-level volunteer will receive the following:

  • Free 3 Day OMG!con Badge
  • Access to the Green Room
  • Free OMG!con DVD

Tier 2 - aka “Trained Volunteer”

Tier 2 volunteers are asked to attend at least one pre-convention training meeting in Owensboro. At-con, these volunteers must work a total of 18 hours which can be done in 6 hour shifts once a day for three days. In addition to all the items tier 1 receives, tier 2 volunteers will also be given:

  • Free Lodging at the Ramada Inn
  • Free OMG!con t-shirt for year

Tier 3 - aka “Veteran Volunteer”

Our tier 3 volunteers must also attend at least one pre-convention meeting in Owensboro, and in addition once assigned into a particular department may be asked by that department’s staff for pre-con assistance if available. Our tier 3 volunteers must work a total of 30 hours which can be done in 10 hour shifts once a day for three days, and are considered “on call” for the entire weekend should needs arise. In addition to receiving all the items that a tier 2 volunteer receives, our tier 3 volunteers are also given the following:

  • Free Lodging moved to the adjacent Hampton or Holiday Inns
  • Up to $30.00 expense that can be reimbursed after the con to cover gas or food (with receipt)
  • Voting rights in the post-con Staff elections, as well as eligibility to run for the next year’s staff.