AMV Contest

Thank for you for your interest in OMGcon's 2016 AMV contest. We have altered some of the rules for this year, so please read carefully. In addition to the 6 categories from last year, we are adding a 7th category.
Live Action*

*To meet with the convention's expanding demographic, we are extending the contest to include music videos made from live action sci-fi films/series, fantasy films/series, or Japanese dramas. These videos are given their own category. Live actions music videos may not be submitted to any other category in the contest.

Each category will have a minimum of 2 videos and a maximum of 7 in order to fit in the time allowed for the contest. If your chosen category is full, the coordinator will contact you to see if the AMV might fit in another category. (The exception for this rule is the Live Action category.)

Submissions will be shown on Friday and Saturday of the convention. Winners from each category will be chosen by a panel of judges as well as an “Audience Choice” winner who will be chosen through survey of convention attendants. One winner will be chosen as “Best of Show” by the judges. All prizes will be awarded at the convention on Sunday during the showing of AMV contest winners. You must be in attendance to win the prizes, but all winners, whether in attendance or not, will receive a certificate mailed to them after the convention.

Submissions are due by Sunday, May 1st at 11:59pm. Entrants will be notified as soon as their entries are received and will be notified once they have been screened and accepted into the contest.

Please read the following rules and policies before submitting your entry. Your entry is confirmation that you have read and agree to abide by all of the following policies, rules, and regulations.

1. The entrant unconditionally grants OMGcon permission to use, copy, share, and exhibit your submission(s) in any way during OMGcon events, which may include exhibition in the next year's event, and you grant this permission without any expectation of monetary compensation or remuneration.

2. The coordinators and judges have the right to accept or reject any submission for any fair and justified reason or their opinion of the suitability of the AMV for the spirit of OMGcon. All judgments and decisions are final.

3. One entrant may only submit a maximum of three AMVs to the contest. You may only submit one AMV to a single category. You may submit up to three AMVs so long as they are each in different categories.

4. Video/Audio Quality: AMVs will be disqualified for any severe video artifacts, macro-blocks, severe interlacing, or unclean/distorted audio.

5. Intros, Closings, and Identifiers: Because entries are judged anonymously, your entry should not contain any sort of information that breaks that anonymity. This includes intros, logos, or credits of any kind. We will create a credit slate for all entries.

6. Age Appropriate Content: All entries must be suitable for a 13+ audience as determined by the programming coordinators. Entries containing sexual situations or graphic violence may be disqualified.

7. Video Length: AMV entries must be longer than 1min 30sec, and shorter than 6min. Commercial and PSAs must be a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute.

8. Watermarks and Logos: Entries must not substantially contain watermarks such as network logos, network “bugs,” or trademark overlays. This includes NHK, Adult Swim, Tokyo MX, TV Tokyo, Divx, and website logos.

9. Subtitles: Entries must not contain subtitles or unnecessary text. If the text is necessary for the intents of the video, an exception might be granted.

10. Plagiarism and Dishonesty: Plagiarism has a penalty of disqualification from all future OMGcon AMV events. Do not submit someone else’s AMV as if it were your own. Do not use parts of someone else’s AMV without the express written permission of that artist. Each person involved in a submission’s creation must be listed on the entry form. Dishonesty carries the same penalty of disqualification from all future OMGcon AMV events. Dishonesty includes falsifying registration forms, unsportsmanlike behavior, and incomplete/falsified information on any required document.

11. Video Content: All entries must contain 70% content from anime, manga, or video games (except for the live action category.) Western animation is acceptable only if it is done in an anime-style. Entries using a Western source will be judged by the coordinators to see if they meet the requirements of the competition.

12. We encourage using Open or widely available formats such as MPEG4, MP4, H.264. Please avoid more proprietary formats such as Windows Media Files (WMV), Apple Movie Files (MOV) as they may not open easily. We reserve the right to reject any entry that cannot be opened.

13. Please use the following naming format for your movies: studio_title.mp4

14. Should an issue arise, we will do our best to contact you via email. However, we are not responsible for delayed, undelivered, unsent, or not-received emails.
Now that you have read the rules, please feel free to submit a contest entry by emailing omgcon @ The body of the email should include the following information:

•Full Legal Name
•E-mail address
•Nickname or Studio Name (if applicable), or any other name you would like to be shown on the beginning credits for the submitted AMV
•Title of the AMV
•Song title(s) and Artist(s)
•Name(s) of source video (or manga) footage