Video Gaming


This is an area for all ages to come play a collection of video games with friends or a great way to meet new friends!


If you don't see a game you would like to play, the Check Out desk will hopefully have what you're looking for. Just ask for which console you'd like switched out and a volunteer would be happy to assist you!


Throughout the weekend many different tournaments will be held on the big stage and the LAN area. Sign ups will be provided so you can sign up for any number of tournaments you'd like to attend, such as: Street Fighter 5, Halo 5, Mario Kart 8, and many more!

Console Tournament Rules:

Console LAN Tournament Rules:


We would like introduce the BYOC LAN Center: Brought to you by Computers Plus! In our end of the year survey it was one of the most requested items for 2016! We are very excited to work with Computers Plus, a growing business based in Evansville Indiana. They specialize in computers, repairs, training, and trade-ins and will be on site to answer any of your technology needs during the weekend.

For those you who may not know, BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Computer. MAKE SURE TO BRING YOUR OWN MONITORS! We will have a very limited number of extra monitors.

We'll have space for up to 32 stations throughout the weekend. Below are our tournament rules & sign ups, click here for our tournament schedule. We'll be requesting that if you are interested to sign up in advance and to make sure you have that game installed on your computer and up to date.


BYOC LAN Tournament Rules & Sign Up:

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Challonge online sign up: League of Legends
Stacks Image 2153
Challonge online sign up: Left 4 Dead 2
Stacks Image 2169
Challonge online sign up: Team Fortress 2

Interested in loaning your Arcade Cabinet for a free three day badge to OMG!con 2016? Or maybe you've got a current generation video game console, you could get some OMG!con credits! Make sure to click the links for more details!