Pre Registration is over! You can still buy tickets, but only at OMG!con. Prices can be found down below.

If you did Pre Reg: we do not give refunds on Pre Registration. We will only move your registration to the next year. If you do wish to transfer your registration, you need to contact us by email before June 8th, 2016 to have your registration moved. If you wait till after the convention, it will not be transferred.

Early Pre Reg badge pick up is available Thursday, June 9th from 7PM - 10PM inside the Owensboro Convention Center.

OMG!con 2016 Master Schedule

OMG!con 2016 Program Guide

At Door Prices

3 Day








Parent Passes for 1 day - $5, 3 day $10. Required for Kids 15 and younger - Kids 5 and under are free, Kids 6-9 are half off!

Convention Hours


10:00AM - 12AM


9AM - 2AM


9AM - 5PM

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