Cosplay Is Not Consent

OMG!con is a proud believer in Cosplay Is Not Consent and that harassment is an issue that we have ZERO tolerance with. All attendees need to acquire consent before photographing, recording or touching a cosplayer or other attendee.

If at any point during our convention you are grabbed, harassed, or see any other person experiencing this treatment or behavior from another person, then please contact a staff member immediately. We appreciate the help and information attendees are able to give us. However, staff and Public Safety will handle the situation to the best of our ability and will contact the proper authorities if necessary.

Everyone is at the convention to have fun and make good memories. Let’s do our best to keep it that way!


Polls and Applications

** Applications for Cosplay Guest, Judges, and Photographers **

are now closed and will re-open for OMG!con 2020 Soon.


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