Sep 2015

OMG!con 2016

We are in the process of getting everything ready for OMG!con 2016, that includes building a new website! So please forgive us for the dust and a few pages that still need work!

If you have questions about our event make sure to visit our FAQ page, there is even a place to ask a specific question at the bottom. We'll have someone try to answer your question as soon as we can!

Make sure to visit our Hotels page for links to our hotel reservation pages, it makes booking a hotel very quick and easy!

Also if you visit other events like our around the area, we have a list of all the conventions and events we'll be at to advertise. If you visit our booth you can win all sorts of prizes like OMG!con merch, DVD's, T-shirts, and even a free OMG!con 2016 pass! So check over the list and see if we might be at an event near you!