What is a Panel?

  • A panel at OMG!con 2017 is defined as a fan-run discussion, game show, or presentation. These panels are the backbone of programming at OMG!con. If you’re interested in sharing your passion for your favorite fandom, leading a lively discussion, presenting a skill or craft, or even hosting your own game show, apply to be a panelist at OMG!con 2017! We welcome first time panelists!

What are the perks of being a panelist at OMG!con?

  • We recognize that panelists do a lot of work for OMG!con throughout the weekend. So, to reward panelists, we offer comped/free badges to panelists who work 4 or more hours throughout the weekend! This policy has changed from past years, so past panelists should carefully read over the new policy before submitting an application!

The New and Improved Comped Badge Policy: 

OMG!con will offer a discount per number of hours worked. All discounts are applied to the current pre-registration tier at the time of the application review. 2 hours is a 40% discount. 3 hours is a 60% discount. 4 or more hours of programming is a free badge. All tiers will include pre-registration perks! Only the first 4 people listed on the panel applications will be considered for this policy.

More information regarding the Panel Applications, and any additional information can be found Here