Why Volunteer with OMG!con?

Because we are awesome.  You will make cool friends. You can even get your badge covered!

OMG!Con is entirely run on volunteer services from our core staff to our set up crew who work because of the love they have for the OMG!Con family, and giving back to our community.  In 2005, our founders got the inspiration for OMG!Con to provide a place for the nerdy in rural Kentucky to have a fun place to meet up and be themselves. Fast forward to today, and we are gearing up for our 15th OMG!Con.  As always, we are looking for enthusiastic people to join our volunteer team!

Volunteers must be:

  • 16 years of age, or 14+ with parent permission.

  • Promoting OMG!Con in a positive way.

  • Be available for a minimum of 4 hours of convention work.

  • Thoroughly read the Volunteer Expectations and Benefits Packet, then fill out the Application form.


Volunteer Applications are found Right Here!!!